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Dr. Ramesh
Dr. Lakshmi Ramesh, DDS

Dr. Ramesh

Dr. Ramesh

I graduated from University of Southern California Dental School in 1998. I started my career in
Austin, TX and worked with private and group dental practices. Our three lovely boys were born in
In 2007, we moved to Bloomington, IL to be closer to the family. We really enjoy the cozy Central Illinois area. We love this kid-friendly town of honest and friendly mid-westerners, less traffic and the small-town feel. With the encouragement of friends and family, I started my own dental office and
ran it for the last ten years. At times balancing between the practice and the family became hard. So, I sold my practice but wanted to work part-time at a great dental office. Then I found Pine Glen Dental Group, Ltd.
I have only one ethic when it comes to treating my patients, and that’s this: If I don’t do it for a family member, I don’t do it for my patients. I really enjoy the restorative part of dentistry. I am open to patient concerns and comments. I enjoy treating children, adults, and the wise seniors.
My eldest son is going to be a Junior this fall, and my twins are Sophomores. They all play soccer. I’ve been married to a wonderful man for 25 years. He works with business, computers, and artificial intelligence! I love to travel, cook, play board & card games, and watch movies with my husband and boys. My boys are trying hard to teach me how to play the video games. Before they move out of the house, I hope to learn a couple of them.

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